Employment Solicitation Fraud Warning

ֲý has been advised of fraudulent employment solicitations targeting persons living outside the United States. These unauthorized solicitations involve the fraudulent use of our company name and logo in employment offers and may require you to provide personal information and/or money for visas, work authorizations or other documentation to participate in a fraudulent hiring process that is not directed or authorized by ֲý. Although ֲý’ name, logo, and website appear to be authentic in these solicitations, any information provided and/or promises made or other inducements offered are not authorized by ֲý and are fraudulent.

In order to counter this fraudulent conduct, ֲý requires individuals who reside outside the United States that are interested in employment opportunities with ֲý to apply for employment ONLY through a job req posted on this official website and then by following the instructions for the specific job req. We do not accept applications through any other means for persons residing outside of the United States.

Most importantly, ֲý never requires any sort of payment or other remuneration from any applicant as a condition of employment or for any other reason during the hiring process. If you receive correspondence that appears to be from ֲý but contains any of the illegitimate requests referenced above, do not respond.

If you do encounter one of these improper solicitations ֲý urges that you contact the proper law enforcement authority in your area.

As always, we encourage qualified applicants to apply with ֲý via our authorized methods.